Essential-oil-free balms

Handmade balms with organic ingredients and without any essential oils, as essential oils should not be used during those precious times.

We have a minimalist approach to help our customers who are prone to allergic reactions: we keep the number of ingredients in our balms small so it is easy to identify any allergens. Our balms also do not contain sweet almond oil (a common allergen among babies).

We do not use any artificial fragrances or colourants. The colour and smell of our balms comes from the natural oils we use. For instance, Tahitian tamanu oil gives our "Green Lagoon" balm its green colour, and the rose scent of the Rani Mama balm comes from the luxurious pure natural rose wax used in the formulation.

Our balms are multi-purpose and they are wonderful to help with any condition caused by dry to very dry skin. They can be used on areas prone to stretch marks or itching during pregnancy, on dry skin areas for mums and bubs, on sore nipples after breastfeeding, on eczema-prone baby skin, on baby's delicate bum as barrier cream to prevent or help with nappy rash and as massage balms

"When my baby had eczema, we tried everything and nothing seemed to work until we applied pure organic shea butter on her skin at every nappy change. Then her eczema never came back." Lily, founder of One + Nature

Pregnancy, nappy, belly and nursing balms usually come in small sizes, which we find very frustrating as you'll need to apply them often. That's why all our balms come in a big 100 ml size, so you'll have enough for a long time! Sample sizes are also available.