We are a boutique family business based in Melbourne.

Our story began many years ago with Lily, a French-Australian woman with a love for natural and organic ingredients.

Lily learned to make natural beauty products following her mother's breast cancer diagnostic. From complicated, 20-ingredient cosmetics, she slowly started adopting a more minimalist routine, using only the ingredients her skin needed.

Lily still teaches DIY Beauty in Melbourne under the name Mademoiselle Organic and many of her students have adopted her minimalist routine.

One + Nature was founded to make these amazing, simple products accessible to all.

Many of the One + Nature products are inspired by Lily's love for travel, opera and French roots.


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We believe “beauty” is not just about appearances and looks.

It encompasses kindness to our body, to our planet, and to others.

Many One + Nature products have been used by Lily, her family and her students for years. For instance, Lily used the One + Nature pure organic shea butter on her baby's skin when she had severe eczema and it's the only thing she tried that actually managed to prevent it from coming back. Her daughter now calls it "mummy's magical balm".

We hope that our products will be part of your story too and make it a better and special one.

Meet the team

Lily lives in Melbourne with her husband and little girl. She creates the ARTISAN products, manages the company and teaches DIY beauty in her Mademoiselle Organic workshops.

The One + Nature products are all handmade with care by Lily and Carine, who came to Australia for love, all the way from Belgium!

Sivaranjani joined the team from New Zealand, and she is our amazing social marketing wizard.

We love organic

Whenever possible, we purchase organic ingredients because it's better for you and for the planet.

We love animals

All the One + Nature products are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

We love our planet

We are eco-warriors. We do our best in every aspect of our lives to minimise our environmental footprints.

We believe in simplicity, honesty and trust

We believe women and men should only use what their skin needs. The skin does not need synthetic chemicals, fragrances and texture agents added to make a product look or smell nice.

Pure, natural ingredients are enough. That's why we believe in a minimalist skincare routine.

Many of our products can be used in multiple ways, thus saving you time and money.

We are honest and transparent about everything inside our products. So you can choose what you want to put on your skin.

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Pregnancy, post-partum and baby care

When Lily was pregnant, she realised it was very hard to find natural & organic products that did not contain any essential oils.

Essential oils are very strong, and it's usually recommended to avoid them during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or for baby care products.

That's why we love our gentle, fragrance-free natural "mum & bub" range. We keep the list of ingredients short to prevent allergies and do not use any essential oils in those products.

Mum & Bub Skincare

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