The ONE Collection

The ONE collection is our skinimalist range.

It features minimalist beauty products that contain only one pure natural ingredient. 

These products can be used to make a full skin care routine with organic moisturising face oils and make-up removers, botanical scrubs, floral waters, organic body & belly oil, organic body moisturising shea butter, organic & pure essential oils, and Moroccan clay face mask.

No preservative, no nasties, no fragrances.

Using minimalist beauty products is a great, responsible & empowering way to save money, easily choose what you apply on your skin, and care for the environment. Most of our products are organic and very easy to use in multiple ways in your skincare or haircare routine. They are perfect for sensitive skins as they only contain one, clearly identified ingredient.

All our ingredients are fully biodegradable, our labels are also made of biodegradable paper (not plastic!) and our quality eco-friendly packaging can be recycled.