Sensitive skin

Natural and organic skinimalist vegan beauty products for sensitive skin types.

We specialise in making products for sensitive skins

For the face, you can order a custom moisturiser with your choice of essential oils or use pure, organic, multi-purpose face oils like jojoba oil (for oily & combination skins) or argan oil (for dry and mature skins). These oils can also remove your make-up and be mixed with gentle bamboo powder or jojoba beads for delicate exfoliation. Our organic aloe vera gel is great for skin repair and hydration, and it has a minimalist formula with only a small number of ingredients and no synthetic fragrance or colourant. Use gentle clays like Australian white clay or Rhassoul clay to detox and purify your skin.

For the body, our multi-use moisturising balms (available in a sample size to try them) have a minimalist formula with a very small number of different ingredients to minimise the possibility of a reaction. Many of them do not contain any essential oils, and of course they do not contain any synthetic ingredient. You can also use pure, organic "one-ingredient' products like our organic shea butter or our organic sweet almond oil.

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